Reaching Aswan

Participants have two means to reach Aswan city; either using air flights or train trips from Cairo. A car trip is discouraged due to the long distance between Cairo and Aswan, which makes it really exhausting and time consuming. Participants deciding to go by car, will do that on their own responsibility.

By Air

There are no direct air flights to Aswan, though it has an International Airport offering both international and domestic flights to different destinations. So, all flights have transit hours in Cairo International Airport, from where all flights to Aswan are done by the national carrier; EgyptAir. However, we assure participants that domestic flights are quick, convenient and fairly inexpensive. Aswan International Airport is situated 25km SSW of the city, on the west bank and just south of the high dam. Unfortunately, public buses do not go to the airport and security on the approach road to the terminal is tight. Therefore, taxi is the solution, for which you must agree a price in advance. Since the time of the conference – February – is the top tourism season at Aswan, we highly recommend you to book your flight tickets as early as possible.

By Railway

A good train network links most of the major towns and cities throughout Egypt, including Aswan. As Aswan is a railhead, participants may travel by train if that is their preference. Egypt’s passenger train service runs along the Nile between Cairo and Aswan. More than five trains AC service arrives from Cairo each day, in addition to two sleeper trains. Journey time from/to Cairo takes around 13-14 hours. Booking tickets in advance is highly recommended, bearing in mind the only official authority eligible to sell train tickets is the Egyptian National Railways, through its ticket counters inside the train station, or online via the following website:;

Tickets prices range from US$40 to US$120; further details can be found on the above link.

Misr Railway station of Cairo is located in Ramsis Square – Downtown of Cairo, and therefore is known as “Ramsis Station”.

Aswan Railway station is on the northern end of the city center, a few hundred meters inland from the river. It is found at the city center on Sharia as-Souq, with trains heading north to Luxor and Cairo. Mini-buses are available outside the station, so one may head to/move from station easily.

Within Aswan

Aswan Visitors have a number of options for getting around the city using public transportation.

The public transportation system in the immediate city of Aswan is fairly convenient and easy to use. Because Aswan is reasonably sized city, there are numerous routes available, making much of the city accessible to the public.

Aswan is an important commercial hub of Egypt, so transportation links are very well established.

Taxis in Aswan can be identified by their orange licence plates. All Aswan taxis have a number which is the same as the driver’s licence number. There’s another number attached to the dashboard which is the taxi’s identity number. Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city of Aswan. Taxis have no meters, therefore it’s better to make sure a price has been agreed upon before beginning a journey. Taxis can be found everywhere; no specific stops.

Hantour (Horse Cart)

Aswan is a nice place for riding Hantour (Horse Cart) and watching sunset. May attractions are overlooking the Corniche side. The place is beautiful and romantic by night as well.

Walking and Camel-Riding

The beautiful streets of Aswan make walking the most popular means of transportation. The small size of the region also permits the easy accessibility of the place that is well within the reach of the common masses. So most of the common lot prefer to walk to reach their desired destination.